Domenii NewGTLD valabile incepand cu 1 iunie 2015

.TIROL – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/01 – Starts at 33.95 USD
Represents a chance to get a great domain name that resonates with individuals and organizations located in the Tirol region of Austria.


.PHARMACY – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/02 – Starts at 1049.00 USD
The .pharmacy domain name is strictly for legitimate members of the pharmacy community. The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy controls the .pharmcy domain registration


.SCHOOL – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/03 – Starts at 32.99 USD
Education is very important and this is why the .school domain takes a special place among the available domains. Whether you are a student or a teacher, a .school domain name will work great for you!


.CASINO – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/03 – Starts at 149.99 USD
The gambling industry is worth $500 billion – it is a sure bet to register for a .casino domain. The .casino is a great extension for online casinos, casino websites, and for anybody who enjoys a bit of gambling.


.FOOTBALL – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/03 – Starts at 17.99 USD
Football is a game played by millions, between recreational and professional players. Target one of the most popular sports worldwide and it’s with a .football extension.


.PORN – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/04 – Starts at 83.99 USD
Porn, which dates back 1500 years to Pompeii and its pornographic drawings, is a 2.5 million dollar industy. What they would have done way back then with a .porn top-level domain name can only be imagined. But imagining yours is only a couple of clicks away!


.ADULT – incepand cu data de: 2015/06/04 – Starts at 83.99 USD
The .adult domain name extension is intended for adult entertainment websites. For anyone in the adult entertainment industry, the .adult domain will make it easier than ever to reach your audience!


*preturile difera de la registrar la registrar cele de mai sus fiind oferite de catre