Mr.Michael Anthony Castello a truly gentleman

Meet the one of greatest domainer of the world and a gentleman Mr.Michael Anthony Castello and owner/CEO of  CCIN.comCastello Cities Internet Network Inc.

Under umbrella of CCIN maybe found domain name like: ,,,, etc..but list is huge and  value. Because is value Mr.Castello M.A. announce in 2014  put on sell most of the value domain from his portfolio at 1 Billion $ including , or  and we think have succes to sell because in 2014 sold for 3.1 mil $.

Michael Anthony Castello his brother David along with familly are in domain names business science early 1990 and know what impact should have internet (domain names business) in future  even need to wait 20 years to  sell but satisfaction is guarantee.

Well know member of T.R.A.F.F.I.C activ particpat and speaker –  Mr. Michael A. Castello guide new  domainer’s and  offer advice what to do in this business as a true gentleman and able  to help you.

When we speak (corresponded) first time tell us the nickname on games (suppose when he was a teenager) is Vlad The Impaler – fact is a open person and younger.

We hope soon will be available for a interview for Romanian domainer’s and give some advice and maybe visit our country.

Good luck Sir. Michael Anthony Castello!

article and photos by agreement of Mr. Castello