jpgdrinkeu, & other make business in beverage industry | For sale on | 10 year’s old domain name reg. in 2006
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A keyword “drink” with 60.500 exact searches in Google Keyword Plan
It’s perfect domain name for beverage industry: beer, coffee, soda, whisky, tequila, wine or other type’s of drink
With a sensational SEDO traffic until now: Visitors over the past 30-day period – 132, Visitors to Sedo offer page 1 – 20 july 2015: 527
..and grow every day | establish in may 2015 is a perfect domain to promote drinks product for company’s/ a portal
With real traffic according to Google Analytics: 25 may – 15 july 2015
Session: 1343 | Unique Visitors: 1.222 | Page Views: 2.102 | Region US: 28%, China: 5.58%, Japan: 3.72%, Other: 23,68% etc..

..and have the slogan: What is your favorite DRINK name?
Listed on as a MakeOffer option:
Include the website along with social page:

Other domain names for beverage industry listed on

* reg in 2015
* VC from Venture capital also ccTLD for Saint Vincent some time used as/for Vatican City
* please note that the SEDO price or option listing maybe subject of change at anytime without notice

* price maybe negociable depend who ask ..for each or both as pack

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